In many ways, the human brain remains a mystery to scientists. It was once thought that by adulthood, the mind, brain and cognitive abilities were not capable of change; but over the last decade, research in the study of neuroplasticity has suggested that the brain is constantly changing in response to new inputs and experiences. While the brain is not a muscle, research suggests that “working out” the brain can be beneficial to overall health and cognitive functioning.

Developed through a generous grant from the Sun City Center Fund, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and the SunTowers Retirement and Rehabilitation Community, MindBoost is a pilot program created by the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. The two-hour workshop is designed to educate adults in developing an awareness of brain health and memory improvement.

Utilizing a series of mental exercises and games, participants in MindBoost workshops are provided with an overview of what memory is and how it works, and how it changes with age. Exercises are performed in class, and there is also a booklet of games sent home for later use, as well as other resources to promote maintenance of mind brain health and wellness.

We are always looking for groups and organizations that might be interested in hosting a MindBoost seminar for their members. If you would like to discuss hosting a workshop for your group, call 419-4902 or email us at [email protected].